Patient getting teeth looked at.

Wisdom Teeth Extractions
Daly City, CA

Some patients who have their wisdom teeth in Daly City, California need them to be removed. There are several reasons this may be necessary. Sometimes wisdom teeth become impacted because of their position at the back of the jaw. The wisdom teeth may get trapped below the gums or jawbone. Wisdom teeth removals are one of our specialties at Pacific Sky Dental in Daly City, CA. If you are looking to have wisdom teeth removed, our dentist, Dr. Raymond Jone, has years of experience extracting teeth.

In other cases, the wisdom teeth may not come in straight due to pressure against other teeth or crowd the other teeth in a mouth too small to contain them. Also, due to their location, wisdom teeth are more susceptible to cavities and gum disease because they are difficult to brush or floss way in the back of the mouth.

When these conditions occur, Dr. Jone will extract your wisdom teeth for you to relieve their negative effects. Wisdom tooth extraction is a relatively simple and brief dental treatment that can be done with the assistance of sedation for your comfort.

Implanted Tooth Extractions

To extract an impacted tooth, we may need to cut through the gums or bone to get it out, depending on the nature of the impaction. Impacted wisdom teeth don’t always cause pain themselves, but may lead to dental problems later. The pressure from the impacted tooth upon adjacent teeth can cause a misalignment that will require expensive correction down the road. Additionally, a partially impacted tooth can trap food and plaque that leads to other dental and hygiene issues.

Wisdom Teeth Removal Procedure

Having your wisdom teeth removed is a very common oral surgery procedure. In general, patients will come in for a consultation with Dr. Jone before the removal procedure. This allows him to assess your situation and answer any questions you have before the day of your surgery. You can also discuss your anesthesia options and pre-operative instructions during this appointment.