Women with Traditional Braces.

Daly City, CA

Orthodontics in Daly City, CA is a form of dentistry designed to correct problems that patients may have with the placement of their teeth and ultimately, their bite. Orthodontic treatments performed by Raymond Jone, DDS at Pacific Sky Dental in Daly City, California will help restore both function and aesthetics for a beautiful smile. If you currently have an overbite, under bite, cross bite or open bite, or are suffering from crooked or gapped teeth, orthodontic treatments in Daly City at Pacific Sky Dental can help.

We offer Metal White Ceramic Braces to our Pacific Sky Dental patients in Daly City, California.

Braces are dental tools designed to correct imperfect smiles. By applying mild force at timed intervals, Dr. Jone can use braces to move or shift the teeth in order to create a more uniform appearance. While orthodontics in Daly City, CA are regularly used on younger patients, such as pre-teens and teens, today, more adults are also taking advantage of these treatments. In fact, over 30% of all orthodontic patients in Daly City and across the country are adults.

Ortho Before and After

Ortho before & after Ortho before & after Ortho before & after Ortho before & after

The duration of orthodontic treatments in Daly City ultimately varies based on several factors including age, the extensiveness of the procedure (some patients require more work than others) and how closely you follow your treatment plan. For example, younger patients in Daly City, CA may respond more quickly to treatment because the bones supporting young teeth are more pliable than those supporting older teeth. However, adults tend to follow treatment instructions more consistently than pre-teens - which can also affect overall treatment time.

Whether you are young or old, orthodontic treatments at Raymond Jone, DDS in Daly City, California can protect your bite, maximize your teeth's effectiveness in functioning properly and create a well-aligned smile.