Clear Braces.

Six Month Smiles
Daly City, CA

Six Month Smiles in Daly City, CA is a short term orthodontic treatment aimed at straightening your teeth within a six month period. Time is especially important when talking about your smile, as many adults don’t want braces for several years. Dr. Jone at Pacific Sky Dental in Daly City, California uses a new kind of orthodontic treatment known as Six Month Smiles. Six Month Smiles in Daly City is a technique that incorporates the use of clear braces, as they are incredibly effective and have always been regarded within the orthodontic community as a good way of developing a great smile and a healthy set of teeth.

The Six Month Smiles treatment gives adults a way to correct their teeth through the use of clear braces, which have been developed in such a way that they are now more effective than ever. The treatment is meant to last a maximum of six months and has been designed to fit well within your lifestyle. The innovative design focuses on giving you the best possible experience while straightening your teeth, giving you a beautiful smile.

Six Month Smiles uses orthodontic braces, which are clear and have been designed with wires that are tooth colored and therefore barely visible. The technique of braces has been used in order to create straight teeth, and correct bites. Six Month Smiles patient tray kits that we offer at Pacific Sky Dental in Daly City, CA are fast and effective and you will feel comfortable while they are in place.

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Six Month Smiles treatment in Daly City, California averages six months, but some case may require as few as four months or as many as nine months. Dr. Jone will determine how many months will be required to achieve your desired results. These clear braces will give adults that straight smile they’ve always wanted. Call today to schedule your appointment.