Six Month Smiles

Everyone wants to have a big beautiful smile, but no one likes to have to go through the strain, embarrassment and duration of getting there with conventional braces. With our cosmetic dental treatments, you no longer have to wait years and wear metal across your teeth to get the smile you want, thanks to Six Month Smiles®,.

Six Month Smiles® uses advanced technology to accelerate your teeth-straightening; in as little as 6-9 months, your teeth will be perfectly positioned. The tooth-colored brackets that do the work will slip unnoticed throughout the process.

Just when you thought the straight smile of your dreams was years away – years of wearing metal braces – along comes Six Month Smiles® to change the game completely.

Short Term Adult Braces

Kids can be a lot meaner, sure, but wearing braces is a more natural reality for many kids than it is for most adults. It’s difficult making that choice later in life. The social stigma that many adults associate with braces unfortunately prevents them from achieving the smile they yearn for. Cosmetic braces that remove the stigma and straighten the teeth are a breakthrough alternative for patients who may otherwise shun treatment. Now you can have you can have your smile and discreetly too!

Six Month Smiles® is just what the dentist ordered for adult patients who don’t want everyone else to know they’re straightening their teeth, and don’t want to wait forever to get them.

Six Month Braces Dentist

Dr. Jone wants every one of his patients to have the smile they deserve, and is proudly offering Six Month Smiles® braces as a treatment to help them achieve that smile. In just a matter of months, you can subtly regain that beautiful smile. Straight teeth on the down low can now be yours. Contact us today to schedule a consultation to see if Six Month Smiles® is right for you.

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