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Root Canal Therapy in
Daly City, California

The very phrase of “root canal” strikes fear into the hearts of young and old alike. With the dental treatments offered at Pacific Sky Dental, we believe that good oral health doesn’t have to be a painful or scary experience. Our office is designed to relieve stress and create a soothing environment. We treat each of our patients with the utmost care.

Root Canal Therapy in Daly City, California

Your comfort is as integral a part of your dental treatment as the state-of-the-art equipment we use to provide it. Pillows and blankets, Roku 3, Netflix® and Hulu® on the screen in our treatment rooms. Complimentary coffee and bottled water, warm scented towels after your visit – it all is part of how we strive to make you comfortable.

You may be here for a root canal, but we do our best to see that you leave here thinking you’ve visited a spa. Your dental health is too important to overlook due to fear of how you’ll be treated. Pacific Sky Dental in Daly City won’t let that be a deterrent for you.

Root Canals

Sometimes tooth decay occurs where we can’t see it or easily access it. When the root of a tooth is damaged, an opening is made through the top or crown of the tooth to get to the problem area. Once the tooth is numbed, Dr. Jone uses special tools to clear out the infected area then rebuild the tooth.

As with all of our dental treatments, your comfort and ease are a top priority with us. We offer several sedation options to choose from:

Oral conscious sedation is a great option for those who wish to feel completely at ease yet aware throughout their dental treatment.

Laughing gas is ideal for patients who suffer from a gag reflex that can impede their oral treatments.

Scared of needles? You’re not alone. Ask about our DentalVibe® Injection Comfort System.

See Real Patient Reviews
in Daly City

Kathie T.

Julia is the best dental hygienist! She made me feel very comfortable. She’s friendly, professional and knowledgeable. My teeth felt super clean and smooth after. I highly recommend her!

Ammiel H.

For 14 years I have neglected check ups. In one cleaning, Julia has changed how my mouth feels, tastes, enjoys and also taught me how to proper take care of the calcium shells. I’m healthier. I’m happier. I’m hopeful that I can keep these mouth stones for longer than I am intended to! Don’t be scared. It’s worth investing in yourself.

Liz G.

Love the staff here and the dentist/dental assistants are always so courteous and helpful. They also provide a television/Netflix for you to watch while you are having a procedure done, this is very helpful, if like me, you get nervous with dental work.
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