Porcelain Crowns & Fixed Bridges

When a tooth has decayed, cracked or been subject to excessive wear, porcelain crowns can provide structure to the teeth and preserve their health. If a tooth has been damaged or is missing a large segment of its structure, an overlaying crown, or cap, will restore the tooth to its proper shape and function. Crowns act as both a protective cover and a functional surface for damaged teeth.

As part of our dental care treatments, porcelain crowns from Pacific Sky Dental in Daly City are durable, match the natural color of your teeth, and are more stain-resistant than other materials. Crowns replace the exterior shape of teeth so they are excellent choices for teeth effected by excessive decay or trauma.

Also, a crown can be used to reshape a tooth or change its color. Your smile can be improved with crowns by adding structure that will give an overall straighter, more appealing look and natural color.

Fixed Bridges

Where there are more than one affected or missing teeth, a fixed bridge can be used to fill the void with a natural looking substitute. A bridge will restore your natural bite which may have been altered to compensate for the missing teeth. You can chew more naturally, and safeguard the health of your remaining natural teeth as well.

With fixed bridges, patients can speak more comfortably and smile broadly again. A professionally installed bridge from Pacific Sky Dental will prevent gum disease, restore facial appearance and can be left in permanently.

Cosmetic Dental Crowns

One of the best and longest-lasting forms of tooth restoration is the cosmetic dental crown. These can be used to reshape your teeth, giving your smile a more uniform appearance.

Our dentist at Pacific Sky Dental uses durable porcelain for a better color match to your teeth and prevents further decay and gum disease. Cosmetic crowns will even strengthen teeth after a root canal. Contact our office to schedule an appointment for you or a member of your family.

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