Soft Tissue Laser - Advanced Dental Technology

Here at Pacific Sky Dental, we try to keep abreast of the latest technologies that aid in better clinical outcomes.

One such technology is using a soft tissue laser to aid in delicate procedures around the gums and cheeks.

Traditionally to recontour or reposition gums, excise tissues, and more have required the usage of sharp surgical blades to create clean incisions and allow gums to heal unhindered or usage of an electrosurgery device to control bleeding.

With a soft tissue laser such as the Picasso Laser by AMD, we can use delicate feathering motions to achieve the same goals with little to no anesthesia and faster healing. The laser utilizes light energy to both cut and cauterize tissues at the same time. The esthetic results are also much more stable than traditional surgical methods because of the decreased swelling immediately after.

One of the most common procedures we perform is reduction of a poorly positioned frenum to reduce recession and allow our muscles more freedom of movements.

Frenums are folds of tissues that attach the lips and muscles to the soft tissue of our jaw bones. When frenums are located too close to our teeth (aka “high” frenum attachment), they can cause recession of the gums, limit the movements of our lips, and even cause gaps in our teeth to develop. This can be said of frenums locate on the front of the teeth and for frenums that attach to high on the tongue.

Other common applications of our soft tissue laser include

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