IV Sedation Dentistry

IV Sedation Dentistry

At Pacific Sky Dental, we go above and beyond to ensure patients attain a maximum level of comfort during dental visits. We recognize that there are times in which lengthy or invasive dental procedures are needed and situations in which patients may be experiencing severe levels of fear or anxiety. In such cases, we are equipped to provide a full menu of sedation dentistry options to create a positive and comfortable visit.

In order to provide the highest level of sedation dentistry in the safest manner possible, we have proudly partnered with a board-certified anesthesiologist, Dr. Diana Belli. Dr. Belli is qualified to provide both IV deep sedation and general anesthesia in the comfort of our Pacific Sky Dental office. She brings deep expertise in her field with a focus on safe general anesthesia in the dental office for patients of all ages.

Deep Sedation from a Certified Anesthesiologist

While our office offers oral conscious and nitrous oxide sedation to patients who have mild to moderate anxiety, we value the importance of extending our sedation dentistry menu to include a deeper level of sedation for patients who need it. Whether you are scheduled for a more complex dental procedure, such as extractions or bone grafting, or you suffer from a profound dental phobia, IV deep sedation may the best solution for you.

Unlike other dentists who may offer a form of IV sedation, our anesthesiologist is able to administer the sedative medication intravenously to provide unconscious sedation for a limited period of time. This deep sedation is safely monitored at all times and is not long enough to require a breathing tube. This is ideal for shorter procedures that still require deeper levels of sedation. Dr. Belli is also equipped to perform general anesthesia, the most advanced level of sedation dentistry and one that can only be administered by an anesthesiologist. General anesthesia requires a breathing tube and is reserved for patients who require extensive procedures that are several hours in duration.

When it comes to IV sedation dentistry, Pacific Sky Dental is proud to give our patients the highest level of safety. If you'd like to learn more about IV sedation or determine if you are a good candidate, please contact our office today. We are happy to answer your questions and address your concerns, especially when it comes making your dental care more comfortable.

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