Dental Sealants (BPA-free)

At Pacific Sky Dental, our top priority is the prevention of future dental disease. To that end, dental sealants are a powerful adjunct to aid in preventing cavities in high risk areas of the teeth, the pits and fissures:

The molars and pre-molars of our moth tend to have small pits and fissures present due to how the teeth formed. As a result there are hidden areas where bacteria and food debris can hide and create cavities over a period of time.

The best way to prevent a future cavity is to “seal” the crevice to prevent food and bacteria from getting trapped and allowed to grow.

Here at Pacific Sky Dental we also utilize a BPA-free resin to seal the teeth. We encourage sealants on both kids and adults to maintain a cavity free mouth!

Sealants are minimally invasive and do not involve any shots or anesthetics. The tooth is typically cleaned and dried, etchant is applied to prime the enamel of the tooth, and finally the liquid BPA-free resin is applied and cured with our blue light.

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