Dental Bonding

Is your smile not quite as dazzling as you’d like it to be? Perhaps there’s a slight gap you would like to fill. Dental bonding is a cosmetic dental treatment to reshape your teeth due to cracks, chips or decay. Pacific Sky Dental can enhance the appearance of your smile by closing spacing between teeth and correcting discolored teeth.

You deserve to have the winning smile you’ve been yearning for, and our dental bonding treatment can help you get there, often within just a 30-60 minute visit. Dental bonding is an easy and more affordable method for reshaping or lengthening teeth, and filling cracks or gaps, compared to veneers.

Dental bonding offers a relatively fast and affordable treatment that requires minimal preparation and delivers stunning results.

Tooth Bonding Specialist

Your tooth bonding specialist at Pacific Sky Dental, Dr. Jone can have your teeth looking whiter, straighter and healthier with a minimum of preparation in no time.

Using a tooth-colored resin that is cured with the use of visible blue light, your teeth are reshaped and restored to a healthier appearance without the need for anesthesia or multiple visits. It’s a much easier and less expensive method of giving you back that happy glowing smile.

If you have a cracked tooth, some spacing you would like filled between teeth, or would like a more comfortable and lasting alternative to fillings for your teeth, ask you Pacific Sky dental team about our tooth bonding procedure.

Pacific Sky Dental is committed to promoting dental health and providing the highest quality care and treatment to our patients in a comfortable setting. We will put you at ease and give you the smile you were meant to have. Contact our office today and schedule an appointment with us!

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