Why It Is Not Advised to Delay Root Canal Treatments in Daly City, CA

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There are consequences to delayed root canal treatments. Some of them may even cause a big impact in your day-to-day lives. Our practice at Pacific Sky Dental recommends patients to see the dentist for root canals right away once symptoms arise. If not, they might end up dealing with these complications listed below.

The Bad Effects Of Neglecting A Root Canal Treatment

Unmanageable Pain

An infection may be the reason why you encounter persistent pain around your tooth. If you continue to leave it unattended, the discomfort will progress to the point that it can become intolerable anymore. You will experience worse pain—worst than teeth sensitivity.

Fallout Tooth

Unfortunately, it is possible for you to suffer from tooth loss once a root canal treatment is delayed. The procedure only aims to remove the infected portion and preserve its natural structure, but if you fail to ask the assistance of the dentist beforehand, there’s a higher chance that you will lose your entire tooth.

Spread Of Infection

Infections can multiply. Once they are not eliminated inside the mouth, they can spread into the other oral structures. The result then is compromised overall oral health. But what is more bothering is that these infectious microorganisms can transfer to the other parts of the body, creating severe complications.

Terrible Abscess

If you tend to skip a root canal treatment, you had probably noticed small pus on the site near the infected tooth—that is called an abscess. Once it shows up, the impact is terrible: Fever, swelling, pain, and airway obstruction.

Take Action Now

Do not let these problems take place! If your tooth necessitates a root canal therapy, call us at Pacific Sky Dental immediately. We offer root canals in Daly City, CA. Along with this procedure, our dentist also allows patients to choose from our different sedation dentistry options to make their dental experience more pleasant. We provide oral conscious sedation, laughing gas, and DentalVibe® Injection Comfort System.

During the therapy, the dentist will diminish the infection inside the tooth. After the cleaning process, the newly treated tooth is then covered with a crown for protection. A root canal treatment is true to its promise in clearing out the pain and hassles encountered by patients due to an infected tooth.

Let us at Pacific Sky Dental save your smile! Avail now of our Root Canal Therapy in Daly City, CA. We are located at 6433 Mission St, Daly City, CA 94014, USA.

Posted on behalf of Dr. Raymond Jone, Pacific Sky Dental