What is a Necessary Dental Concern?

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There have been many instances when people have come into the dentist’s office for a regular checkup and cleaning only to find out that they must have major dental treatment performed. In most of these cases, patients ignored signs and symptoms that they assumed were minor and could wait until their next appointment. At Pacific Sky Dental, the answer the question, “What is a necessary dental concern?” is any concern that you have regarding the health, comfort, or condition of your mouth.

Dental emergencies rarely get ignored. They involve severe pain, tooth loss, blood, and/or injury, and people typically seek immediate help. However, it is the seemingly minor concerns that often find people in precarious situations. They choose to ignore a sensitive tooth only to find out that the tooth is infected with decay and must be removed. However, if the concern was addressed at its beginning, a simple filling could have been the only treatment needed. Maybe your gums have been tender for the past three months, but you just decided to wait to be seen at your next appointment. However, during those three months of waiting your tender gums have turned into periodontal disease – an irreversible gum disease that will require extensive (and expensive) treatment in hopes of saving your teeth.

There is no such thing as a small dental concern. If you have a concern about the health of your mouth, it is a concern to us at Pacific Sky Dental. Our Daly City dental practice is proud to provide personalized, patient-centered dental care to patients of all ages. Dr. Raymond Jone is an experienced and caring dentist who truly loves what he does and cares for his patient. He is proud to provide the highest quality dental services with an empathetic attitude toward each patient. No concern is too small because Dr. Jone understands the correlation between a small symptom and a major ordeal.

If you have any concern regarding your dental health, please do not ignore it, put it off, or choose to wait it out until your next appointment. Contact Pacific Sky Dental today to schedule the next available appointment.

Posted on behalf of Dr. Raymond Jone, Pacific Sky Dental

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