Ways to Repurpose Your Toothbrush

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You know your dentist’s mantra when it comes to toothbrushes:
Change your toothbrush every six months.

Easy, right? You get to pick a new color, maybe a new size or shape. This process might be exciting enough to make you brush longer and remember to brush in the first place after a long day. So you pop that old toothbrush out of its holder, put the new one in, then throw the old one in the trash. BAM! Good riddance.

But wait. What else could you do with that toothbrush? Grab some bleach, soak your old toothbrush to disinfect it and VOILA! You now have a somewhat scruffy, miniature-sized brushing tool. The possibilities are endless!

Unexpected Ways to Repurpose Your Toothbrush

Repurposing Old Toothbrush

Vent Cleaning

From your dryer vent to all the nooks and crannies in your car, that little old toothbrush is perfect for cleaning things that often go untouched.

Kitchen Duty

Can’t quite get all of that calcium buildup around your sink? Is your kitchen black splash looking a bit dingy? How about that grease around your stove? Spray then scrub away with your old toothbrush. It’s the perfect size for going around tough corners and giving grout a fresh look.

Have you ever cleaned out your coffee grinder? If not, it might be time. Use a toothbrush to get rid of old grounds and give your coffee a fresh taste next time you use it.

Bathroom Scouring

Simply move your toothbrush from your bathroom counter to below it. It’s great for scrubbing around bathtub drains and fixtures, as well as sinks. Refrain from using it on your toilet though unless you’re going to immediately throw it away.

For The Kiddos

If you’ve got kids (or know any) give them your old toothbrush. They’re great for sandboxes, painting, and even making jewelry! Stick an old toothbrush in boiling water to make it soft. Use pliers to bend it to your will and create funky jewelry.

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Posted on behalf of Dr. Raymond Jone, Pacific Sky Dental