Unusual Uses for Toothpaste

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Toothpaste is a wonderful invention. It helps keep your teeth and mouth healthy and your breath smelling fresh. However, toothpaste is good for more than just your oral health. Use your toothpaste for anything from cleaning to home improvement!


Tasks for Toothpaste

Have you used toothpaste for any of the tasks below? Let us know how they worked!

Jewelry Polish

Is your favorite necklace looking a bit drab? Shine it up with some toothpaste! If you have an old toothbrush, you can also use it to scrub in grooves. Your jewelry will be sparkling again in no time.

CD & DVD Cleaner

CDs might be a little outdated, but if you’re “old school” and have some CDs & DVDs that are skipping, try toothpaste! Gently rub it onto the underside of discs to get of grime, dirt, and other debris that may be affecting the way they play.


The event you’ve been waiting for all year has arrived. You’ve got a classy new outfit, sparkling shoes, had your teeth whitened (hint hint), and you’re ready! Stop once more to check the mirror before you go, give your jacket a slight adjustment while you check your smile, then…wait. Hang on. You step closer to the mirror. WHAT. IS. THAT!?

A zit. You have a zit. Call your ride and tell them you’ll be thirty minutes late. Then go put some toothpaste on the traitorous blemish on your face. You’d be surprised what can happen in 30 minutes.

Wall Spackling

Hooray it’s moving day! But wait! You also have to clean your apartment, rent a moving truck, and fix all the things you might not have taken care of the way you should have. This includes filling all the holes from you wall art, floating shelves, and whatever else adorned the walls of your temporary abode. Need a last minute tip? Use toothpaste for nail holes, then cover it with some touch up paint.

What other uses for toothpaste can you think of?

Posted on behalf of Dr. Raymond Jone, Pacific Sky Dental

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