Top Dental Apps for Kids

Top Dental Apps for Kids

Posted on Behalf of Dr. Raymond Jone

Ah, the wonderful world of dental health. Among some of the top weird, uncomfortable, or health related topics of conversation between you and your child is the dreaded toothbrush. Brushing is important. We know that because our parents and our dentist told us so when we were young. Now, it's your turn.

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Maybe you're one of the lucky ones. Your child absolutely LOVES brushing their teeth. Before bed, even if your kid is feeling over-tired, they're still happy to brush those pearly whites before going off to dreamland.

But maybe you're not one of those lucky few. As bedtime approaches, you find that the bathroom has become a warzone of bubblegum flavored toothpaste and whatever else your child could throw.

Whether you're in need of a reward or bribery (or something in between), some educational, yet fun dental apps may help your child have a positive tooth brushing experience.

Disney Magic Timer

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The Disney Magic Timer can be synced with your favorite Crest Oral-B Pro-Health Stages product, or used as a stand alone app. Kids get to pick their favorite Disney character and play quick brushing games that will help them brush longer. Also known as, distraction.

Dentist Clinic - Crazy Games

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If your child is an animal lover (think Madagascar - lions and hippos and zebras, oh my!), Dentist Clinic will allow your child the opportunity to be the dentist. This app has bright illustrations and fun animal graphics, the perfect form of educational entertainment. Your child will perform common dental treatments from scraping plaque and brushing teeth to tooth extractions.

Brush it Up

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Smile in the mirror. Now, check for food caught in your teeth. All clear? Just checking! Brush it Up features photos of mouths with food stuck in their teeth (they clearly don't have a mirror). Choose your, toothbrush, and get to work. The longer you stay in the game, the quicker you have to brush in this race against the clock brushing game.


Unless your child can tie their own shoes (or close to it) they may not have the dexterity to brush all the way around their teeth properly. After your child has brushed their own teeth, ask to help them get those hard to reach spots. Preventing cavities in primary teeth is just as important as preventing them in adult teeth.

Posted on behalf of Dr. Raymond Jone, Pacific Sky Dental

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