Tooth Sensitivity

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Do you cringe at the thought of eating a bowl of ice cream or biting into a piece of fruit that has just come out of the refrigerator? Do you let your coffee cool down at least 10 degrees before you take a sip? Have you noticed that you only tend to chew on one side of your mouth? If your answer was yes to any of these questions, it is time to talk to your dentist about tooth sensitivity. Ignoring your sensitive teeth will not make them go away – in fact, it will probably only make their sensitivity worse.

Tooth Sensitivity

Teeth that are highly sensitive to temperature changes, sugary or acidic foods and beverages, or even breathing in cool air should be brought to your dentist’s attention. While the majority of cases of tooth sensitivity are relatively mild, there are many cases where a highly sensitive tooth can be an indicator that something more serious is going on. Having a proper evaluation from your dentist is the only sure-fire way to understand the underlying cause of your sensitive teeth.

Most cases of tooth sensitivity are caused by the sensitive dentin layer of the teeth being exposed. Brushing the teeth with a vigorous back and forth motion can wear down the tooth enamel and can cause the gums to recede from the teeth. When the dentin layer is exposed, the tiny tubules that are filled with the tooth’s nerves experience a jolt of pain when they come into contact with hot and cold temperatures and sugary or acidic ingredients. By taking the time and consideration to adjust how you brush your teeth, your gums can begin to naturally descend back into place over the sensitive dentin layer. It is also advised that those with sensitive teeth switch to a toothpaste that is specifically designed for sensitive teeth. This toothpaste has a desensitizing ingredient that will help to block the jolts of pain that your teeth feel while eating and drinking. Regular usage is needed in order to receive full benefits from this toothpaste.

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