The Benefits of Professional Teeth Whitening

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Anyone want to have a bright white smile. However, there are a lot of teeth staining factors that can cause one’s smile to lose its luster. The good news is, teeth whitening treatments are now offered in various forms, so everyone has the chance to regain the confidence to smile. Since there are several options available nowadays, choosing over the counter and known OTC treatment won’t do. Although there are others that seems ideal due to value, remember that you may get what you paid for.

white smiles

For our patients at Pacific Sky Dental to regain the smile they have always wanted, we highly recommend the use of a professional approach rather than over the counter methods. To place more emphasis on the importance of having a dentist perform the procedure, we have provided tips below: 

Customized treatment

The problem with over the counter teeth whitening is, it follows the one size fits all concept. As a result, people cannot expect that the same approach would work in different cases. On the other hand, professional whitening treatments are planned to cater to the needs of a particular patient for the best results.

Key to success

According to research, a person with white teeth is perceived by others as someone who is financially and professionally successful. Plus, they are also thought to be dependable and trustworthy, which makes them stand out during interviews, at work, and in business.

Fast and reliable

Unlike over the counter teeth whitening that needs to be used multiple times, professional treatment can be completed in an hour or so depending on the whitening system used. And in this short amount of time, results can already be expected.

Safe and comfortable

Store-bought products can possibly lead to gum tissue damage which can cause pain and make the teeth more sensitive to certain foods and drinks. In contrast, professional teeth whitening is more comfortable and safe since an experienced dentist performs and monitors the patient throughout the process. They also make sure that the gums and other parts of the mouth are covered for protection.

Smile while you still have teeth, book your  Teeth Whitening treatment in Daly City, CA, and take advantage of our KöR Deep Bleaching offer at Pacific Sky Dental.