Six Month Smiles: The Benefits of a Fast-Acting Orthodontic Treatment

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Orthodontics nowadays, if compared with the past, has undeniably come a long way. Not only are the newer options more pleasant looking, but the results are also now achievable in a much shorter time. Patients in the past need to wear braces for two years or more, but now, the treatment can be completed in as little as six months—thanks to Six Month Smiles!

Six Month Smiles, like traditional orthodontics, uses brackets and wires to apply adequate pressure on the teeth for its movement. But unlike with metal braces, components are clear and tooth colored to offer better aesthetics. Interested in giving Six Month Smiles a shot? Let us at Pacific Sky Dental help you in deciding by sharing some of the benefits of the said service.

six month smiles

Benefits of Six Month Smiles

Fewer dental visits

Since the procedure offers a lesser timeframe, patients can expect that they will need fewer adjustments and dental appointments throughout the whole orthodontic treatment.

Better comfort

Discomfort is common with any orthodontic treatments, but when it comes to Six Month Smiles, the designers put an emphasis on comfort. The materials used are fine and much lighter so that patients can experience less friction and tension.

Caters to many patients

Although the treatment is preferred mostly by adults, teenagers will actually find Six Month Smiles as a favorable approach. With it, they can confidently straighten their teeth while performing their normal activities even if it involves communicating with the public.

Less costly

Since the treatment requires less time and less dental visits, it’s no wonder that people can save some cash with Six Months Smile compared with metal braces.


The good thing about most orthodontic options nowadays, including Six Month Smiles, is the treatment can be personalized based on the needs of a patient. As a result, patients can achieve the results they are aiming for.

Virtually invisible

The brackets used with Six Month Smiles is clear, and the wires are tooth-colored. Due to the use of these components, patients can become more confident and less conscious throughout their journey to straighter teeth.

Bring out your best smile with Six Month Smiles in Daly City, CA, book your appointments with Pacific Sky Dental! Call us to experience outstanding treatment in making your teeth straighter, beautiful, and healthy!