Signs You May Have A Cracked Tooth

Pacific Sky Dental Team

A cracked tooth is a serious dental concern, yet it is over overlooked or ignored simply because many people are unaware that they have a cracked tooth. In fact, many people only learn that they have a cracked tooth during a visit to the dentist when the dentist or dental hygienist finds it. While there are obvious signs of a cracked tooth, there are other less obvious signs that you need to be aware of in order to protect the health of your mouth.

Cracking a tooth is actually much easier than people imagine. While tooth enamel is the hardest substance in the human body, it is not invincible. Bad habits, accidents, and a lack of prevention can all lead to the cracking or damaging of a tooth. An extreme amount of force or pressure is typically what causes a cracked tooth to occur. Bad habits such as biting fingernails, chewing hard pieces of candy, or crunching on ice can all lead to cracks in the tooth enamel. Other instances of a cracked tooth commonly occur when people participate in recreational activities without wearing the proper mouth guard or helmet. The mouth is one of the most common areas of the body to receive injury simply because of its placement on the body. The same is true during traumatic accidents such as a car crash, a fall, or a blow to the face – all of these can result in a cracked tooth. Of course, in many of these instances people will seek immediate attention; yet there are other times when people are unaware of an issue inside the mouth.

Any type of pain involving a tooth, multiple teeth, your gums, your tongue, or your cheek tissues need to be evaluated by your dentist as soon as possible. Whenever there is pain inside the mouth, that is your best indication that there is trouble. Oral issues like a cracked or damaged tooth will not resolve on their own; in fact, they will only get worse over time. Another indication that there is a cracked tooth is discoloration of a single tooth. A dark line in a tooth, chips, transparency of a tooth, or extreme discoloration indicate that a tooth is cracked and must be addressed.

If you are worried that you have a cracked tooth, please contact Pacific Sky Dental right away. Many types of dental cracks can be treated successfully and the tooth can be saved with early intervention. Our dental practice is here to provide the highest standard of dentistry for your oral health and comfort.

Posted on behalf of Dr. Raymond Jone, Pacific Sky Dental