Dental Care for the Entire Family

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Pacific Sky Dental Team

In the last decade, there has been a great deal of hype surrounding children seeing a different dentist than their parents. This thinking has had a lot of controversy surrounding it, has given many doctors and parents some concern, and has caused a great deal of parents to be inconvenienced by running around town to different dental practices. There has also been a growing trend for dental practices that serve only senior-aged patients. Because of both of these opinions, many people have lost hope that they, and their family members, will find a dentist that can serve them for the long haul.

At Pacific Sky Dental, patients of all ages are welcome and will receive the same excellent care with the benefits of a family dental practice. Dr. Raymond Jone is an experienced and trusted dentist for comprehensive dental care, and he offers compassion to all of his patients.

A family dental practice has many benefits that other “age specific” dental practices do not. Convenience is a huge benefit, especially for parents of multiple children. Family appointments can be scheduled so that each member of a family can be seen for back-to-back appointments. This keeps parents from having to run around town for multiple appointments because everyone is in the same office, preferably during the same day. The greatest benefit of family dentistry is that one doctor becomes familiar with the oral health of an entire family. Therefore, if there is a specific problem or characteristic in a parent’s mouth, the same concern can be caught very early on in a child’s mouth. There is a huge benefit in having the same dentist and dental hygienist look at a family’s teeth and mouth on a continued basis because any abnormal change will be noticed early due to the fact that a dentist is familiar with the dental history of an entire family.

Dr. Jone offers personalized and comfortable care to his entire dental family. Please contact Pacific Sky Dental today to schedule an appointment for you and your family members. Whether your child is celebrating a first dental appointment or your grandparent is celebrating an 80th, Dr. Jone offers the best family dental care here in Daly City.

Posted on behalf of Dr. Raymond Jone, Pacific Sky Dental

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