Dental Care and Diabetes

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Due to spikes and dips in blood sugar, diabetes can significantly impact the mouth, teeth and gums. Insulin variances affect the body’s immune system and can create an environment that is conducive to bacterial or fungal infections.

A common and unfortunate problem associated with diabetes is gum disease, or periodontitis. A weakened immune system coupled with irregular brushing and flossing causes decay-causing bacteria and plaque to form. Plaque accumulates at the gum line and sets up infection. The infection causes inflammation, soreness, redness, bleeding, and bad breath. Other signs of gum disease are receding and puffy gums, lose teeth, tooth loss, and sores on the gums.

Dental Care and Diabetes

Because people with diabetes are more likely to develop diseases of the gums and teeth, it is imperative that they are extra attentive to their oral care. Controlling insulin, along with a regular oral hygiene routine, is the best prevention against periodontal disease. At Pacific Sky Dental, we will personalize a treatment plan for you. While it is generally recommended that most people see a dentist twice per year, we may recommend that you add an additional appointment or two to your calendar so we can monitor closely how diabetes is affecting your oral health. Dr. Raymond Jone will conduct a comprehensive examination and partner with you in your diabetes care. We encourage a preventative lifestyle that includes a low glycemic diet, no smoking, regular brushing and flossing with fluoridated products, professional dental cleanings with our hygienist, and exercise.

If you have any signs of dental issues associated with diabetes, please call us at Pacific Sky Dental. Dental problems can elevate your glucose and affect your overall health. Likewise, treating gum disease has been shown to improve and stabilize blood glucose levels and keep diabetes in check. We are committed to your diabetic dental care and are passionate about protecting your oral health. Call us today to discuss your treatment.

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