Dental 101: Get to Know Your Wisdom Teeth

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Wisdom teeth. To some people, the mention of these oral structures can stir up unpleasant memories. Although not all the time, the eruption of these last set of molars tend to cause pain and discomfort. In some cases, people may experience issues which require the attention of a dental professional. But what are these teeth? Do they have any crucial functions? Let us at Pacific Sky Dental clear things out about wisdom teeth by sharing some information. Read on below!

wisdom teeth

Wisdom Teeth: Purpose and Function

In ancient times, wisdom teeth were once helpful because the diet in the past mainly consists of rough foods; once teeth are lost, wisdom teeth served as replacements. However, despite the availability of processed foods and impeccable oral hygiene practices in today’s time, wisdom teeth still grow. As a result, 32 pearly whites are contending for their places in the jaw.

Symptoms Associated with Wisdom Teeth Eruption

  • Redness, tenderness, and pain around the eruption site.
  • Possible infection since bacteria can enter the site where a wisdom tooth is supposed to come out.
  • Infection is not only limited to the mouth; it can affect a person’s overall oral health as well.
  • Pain that moderately worsens as a wisdom tooth continues to grow. Unfortunately, this may indicate that the said structure is growing sideways or in a wrong position.
  • Bad breath, unpleasant taste in the mouth, and swelling due to an infection caused by an impacted wisdom tooth.

Fast Facts

  • Millions of wisdom teeth are being extracted in the U.S alone because of the problems it causes during the eruption.
  • Issues patients tend to experience due to the eruption of wisdom teeth are damage to adjacent teeth, cavities, infection, lesions (abnormal tissues), bone loss around the tooth roots, and difficulty in cleaning around the tooth.
  • There are two types of extractions—simple and surgical. The dentist would determine the ideal procedure to perform depending on the position of the wisdom tooth to be removed.
  • At times, the dentist may require the extraction, especially if there are possible problems to rise like bone loss, tooth loss, or formation of a cyst.

At our practice, patients who are thinking of having their wisdom teeth extracted can rest easy since we can offer sedation dentistry options to make the whole experience pleasant.

Looking for a safe and pleasant Wisdom Teeth Extractions in Daly City, CA? Book an appointment with us at Pacific Sky Dental! We have a caring and dedicated team to help you feel pleasant during any of your dental care needs.