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Gum disease is a prevalent condition experienced by a lot of people, even just in the U.S alone. We at Pacific Sky Dental educate our patients about gum disease, to help them understand the importance of why they have to act proactively to combat the development of the disease.

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Essential Gum Disease Facts to Know

Genetics may play a role

Based on some research, it was discovered that people who are observing proper oral hygiene practices can still be at risk of gum disease. And, that is because of someone in their family who have had experienced the same condition. For these kinds of patients, the best thing is to be strict with their hygiene care and to meet with the dentist regularly.

It could affect the unborn baby

Pregnant women are highly advised to never skip their appointments not only with the OB but dentists as well. According to some studies, women who suffer from gum disease during pregnancy have a higher risk of low birth weight or premature birth.

Gum disease is silent

It is possible for a person to suffer from the devastating condition without even knowing since its symptoms sometimes manifest during the advanced stage. Those who are more likely to experience this are people who do not schedule regular appointments every six months. So to keep gum health in check, make sure to include biannual visits as a routine.

Teeth can be lost

The inflammation of the tissues characterizes the initial stage of gum disease (gingivitis), but if appropriate measures are not taken, it could worsen over time. If the problem progresses to its advanced stage, tooth loss may occur due to the destruction of the supporting oral structures like the bone.

It is associated with general health problems

Think that gum disease is already devastating on its own? Believe it or not, there is research that proves its link with issues like diabetes, heart disease, and even rheumatoid arthritis. It means that keeping the gums healthy not only benefits the mouth but general health as well.

Quick facts

  • Red and swollen gums? These can be signs of gingivitis the first stage of gum disease! Make sure to seek dental attention for fast solutions immediately.
  • If the condition is left unattended, it could affect the supporting structures of the teeth like the jawbone and gums.
  • During the advanced stage of gum disease, the gums begin to pull away from the teeth. This occurrence will cause the teeth to become loose or even fall out.

Instead of seeking reactive procedures to combat gum disease, it is best to take proactive measures. Let us at Pacific Sky Dental assist with the help of our Gum Care service in Daly City, CA!

Posted on behalf of Dr. Raymond Jone, Pacific Sky Dental