What is a Mini Dental Implant?

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Mini dental implants serve an entirely different purpose than their traditional dental implant counterparts. While traditional implants serve to replace individual missing teeth, mini implants are used to stabilize full dentures in the upper and/or lower jaw. They keep dentures … Continued

Brushing Your Dog’s Teeth

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Canine Dental Health You hear all the time about how important your oral hygiene is. But what about Fido’s? Your furry companion needs to practice good oral habits, too. A lack of opposable thumbs can make this hard, so having … Continued

What are Teeth Made of?

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We use our teeth daily for eating and speaking. We floss, we brush, and then we smile brightly into our bathroom mirrors to make sure we didn’t miss a spot. But what are your pearly whites made out of? Tissue … Continued